Inner Mongolia Sanxing Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia Sanxing Heavy Industries Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of Qingdao Wuxiao Group Co., Ltd, located in Chahar Industrial Park, Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia. It enjoys unique geographical advantages: close to Hulunbuir Wind Farm, Chifeng Wind Farm, Bayannur Wind Farm and Inner Mongolia Dali Wind Farm; only 60km away from Huitengxile Wind Farm in the north. The company offers safe and convenient transport, and the technical service problems can be communicated and solved on site within the shortest time.

In order to provide faster and better services to customers, the group company started to construct the project in March 2008 with a total investment of RMB 120 million, including fixed assets of RMB 70 million. Covering an area of 100,000 square meters, the company mainly processes and manufactures wind power towers and similar steel structures. Its annual design & production capacity is 400 sets of towers, as well as 100,000 tons of other steel structure members.

Formally put into production on October 18, 2008, the company now has 260 employees, including 18 scientific research personnel dispatched by the group company, and 150 wind power tower senior technical personnel and professionals. The company is equipped with two independently developed wind power tower production lines. Among them, the large plate bending rolls can bend and roll up to 80mm-thick steel plates. Many sets of auxiliary precision pressure head and automatic welding equipment can automatically complete seam pre-welding of welded pipes with various specifications. The equipped same-head automatic submerged arc welder can weld and form thick steel pipes with big groove once for all, in order to prevent internal weld defects and reduce pipe deformation. The newly introduced plasma cutting machine has greatly improved production efficiency of derusting, sandblasting, painting and drying production lines. The physical and chemical measurement ray inspection line will be put into operation at the end of October.

The company has completely copied advanced management experiences and models of the group company, implemented scientific and standardized management, and established a perfect quality assurance system. 70% staff comes from the group company. Newly recruited personnel have received strict position training and examination, and are qualified and ready to provide customers with qualified products and services.

At the call of the group company, the staff of Sanxing Heavy Industries will work together to continuously improve and develop themselves, and return every customer with first-class quality and services.

Add:Chahar Industrial Park, Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia